Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Break 2017 Day 7 Part 2

Since my post yesterday was so long I decided that I would split day 7 into two parts.  After the Crayola Experience we zoomed over to Philadelphia.  Since we were in Philadelphia we HAD to try a cheesesteak, I had done some research and discovered that Pat’s and Geno’s were the two most popular places for tourists to get this yummy sandwich.  The funny thing is that they are on opposite corners of the street facing each other and have a little rivalry going on. 

We bought cheesesteaks from each place so that we could have our own taste test and we all agreed hands down that Pat’s was the winner.  It had a better cut of meat, the cheese sauce was heavenly and the bread wasn’t as soggy as Geno’s.  After tasting the cheesesteak from Pat’s, I was really sad that we had spent money at Geno’s and wished we could have given them back lol.

Once our taste buds were satisfied we set out to see a few of the historical things on our list.  We knew we would have another day in Philadelphia later in the week but wanted to get in as much as we could today since it would be less crowded because of the snow.  We found a parking spot near the first post office in America and walked through it out into the court yard. 

We saw where Benjamin Franklin had lived and walked on the streets he had once walked on.  This was truly amazing.  When we were done here we trekked through the snow to the Liberty Bell.  There were so few people out that we were able to walk right up to it and take our pictures.  Our kids were amazed yet again that they had to go through metal detectors to enter the building. 

I love that they all have their heads tilted the same way.

Since we still had plenty of daylight we wandered over to Independence Hall.  Again, since there weren’t a ton of people we didn’t even have to get tickets we were able to just go through security and walk right in.  The kids were all tired by this point but perked up when several of the employees would tell them stories of what had happened inside the building. 

After Independence Hall we started back to the car and took a detour through the Bourse Building.  The sign outside advertised that it was a shopping center, but when we went through it looked like a majority of the shops had moved or were closed.  Still the building itself was gorgeous and the details in the architecture were wonderful.

When we finally got back to our rental car, there was a parking authority guy writing out a ticket.  I was furious, didn’t he see what a good job I had done parallel parking!  This was my first time to park like this and I was super proud of the effort I put in, especially because of the snow.  Apparently, we had parked in a handicap spot… problem was because the snow was pushed to the side of the road it was piled so high we couldn’t see the sign!  How in the world do you give someone a $300 ticket when they can’t see the sign!?!?

That my friends is how we ended our fabulous 7th day of vacation.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring Break 2017 Day 7

We survived our colossal snowstorm and got a ton of rest so the next morning we were up and ready to go fairly early.  Our first stop when we left the resort was Chick Fil A.  They have the most amazing breakfasts!  The chicken biscuit with cheese and the chicken burrito without pepper and onions both (not at the same time) make me a happy girl.

If you weren’t on the interstate the roads were a little slick but since we took the main road most of the way we made good timing.  Our destination was Easton Pa and we were going to the Crayola Experience.  Finding a parking spot was simple because not many people were out and about yet and another perk to that is that the garage wasn’t charging for parking due to the storm the day before.  This worked out great for us.

The outside of the building was fascinating and we knew we were in for a good time from the moment we saw it.  

Since we got there, when they first opened they recommended that we start on the 4th floor and work our way down.  The employees informed us we would avoid any crowds that came later in the day if we did this.  We were also given two coins each and told that 2 of the activities would need coins if we wanted to participate in them.

There were sooooooo many different stations that it took us about 3 1/2 hours to go through the whole building.  A few of the things we enjoyed were drip art (where you melt a crayon), we also loved the show they did about making crayons, and Isabelle REALLY enjoyed the lesson where she got to help the instructor.  


The two pictures below are from the show on how crayons are made: 

One of our favorites was getting to make a crayon and decorating the label (this one used a coin.

Doodle in the Dark was awesome.  The kiddos loved the dancing crayons, the writing board and the floor that changed .  

We also really enjoyed making puzzles from our artwork and making our art projects come to life on the wall.  My kids range in age from 7-9 and everyone plus my husband and myself enjoyed our time at the Crayola Experience.

History of the crayon:

Worlds Largest Crayon

 Of course before we left we had to visit the store where we got a ton of really great souvenirs for a very reasonable price.