Sunday, May 5, 2013

I am still here!

Hubby and I got back today from a weekend ALONE in our favorite city Savannah!  It was a great trip, we ate some wonderful food.  It seems as if our trips are planned mainly around places we like to eat.  ;)  We tried a couple of new places in Savannah and went back to a couple that we love.  Our hotel was great because we were able to park the car and walk to most of the places we visited.

Our first stop was The Lady and Sons, Paula Deen's restaurant.  We have never been there and not had a great meal...  We tend to always get the same things though.  Hubby loves the Chicken Pot Pie and I LOVE the Steak with the Red Wine Glaze and the Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  Every bite is delicious.

A new choice for us was Robert Irvine's new place NOSH.  It is in Hilton Head, a short distance from Savannah.  Phillip and I both got burgers, half way through eating he looked at me and said "Baby these even beat your burgers."  They were to die for!!!  This was literally the best burger I have ever had in my life.  It was plump and juicy and moist.  Everything you want in a burger was on that plate in front of me!

We also went to Leopold's this was a first for us.  It is an ice cream shop that has been around for years.  We both loved our cones I had Chocolate Chocolate Chip and hubby had Coffee.  We went walking around the city while we snacked the only problem was this ice cream seemed to melt faster than other ice creams... it was WAY better though than your typical Blue Bell.

After a few suggestions from the locals we hit up the Pirate's House Café it is in one of the oldest buildings in Savannah.  I think it was 1730?  The food was ok but the rolls were AMAZING.  The sight of them made my mouth water.

Lastly before heading out we went to Uncle Bubbas (owned by Paula and her brother).  This is one of my Savannah favorites we have been many times.  The food is always good, if you ever go you must have the Chocolate Pecan Pie.

I had  a great time with my wonderful husband this past week... I will get back in the groove of blogging this week.  I promise!  Look for this week's menu coming up tomorrow!

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