Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pizza Sticks

I made these for a snack a few days ago and they were so quick, easy, and yummy.
1 (14 ounce) package egg roll wrappers                                                    
Lay out the egg roll wrappers one at a time.
Place one piece of string cheese in the center near the edge, then arrange some pepperoni,
and garlic around the cheese.
Roll up the string cheese a little, fold in the sides, then continue to roll up, and seal the edge by moistening with water.
Repeat with remaining wrappers, cheese and fillings.
Heat oil in a large heavy skillet, or deep fryer to 365 degrees F (185 degrees C).
Fry enough to fit loosely in the pan, turning once after about 3 minutes.
Continue to fry for 3 to 5 more minutes or until golden brown.
Drain on paper towels.
Warm the pasta sauce.
Serve the Pepperoni Pizza Sticks on a platter with the bowl of sauce for dipping.
Pepperoni Pizza Sticks Recipe

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