Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Journey to Being A Home Cook

As a little girl I remember that my grandmother was a fabulous cook and eating at her house was a treat, my mother however did not have the same talents as my grandmother.  ;) Growing up my mother was not an adventurous cook she would find a few things that we all liked and would make them fairly often and I will say we ate a ton of fast food! 

When I first got married my idea of home cooking would have been picking something up and bringing it home to eat or Hamburger Helper.  Let me just say the hubby and I lived off HH for probably the first year of our marriage, and if I wanted to be really adventurous I made tacos.  I know this is terrible but I was working a full time job and didn't exactly have time to tinker in the kitchen, or maybe didn't make time, now I am blessed to stay home with my 3 beautiful kids and I LOVE trying out new things.  At this point I would like to say we haven't had Hamburger Helper since that first year of being married.  I can't even look at a box of it without feeling gross. 

Once we had our first son my husband and I decided that I was going to stay home and be the typical 1950's housewife and I loved it from the beginning.  (Don't dare even think about telling me I don't have a job! I work my hiney off.)  At this point I had started venturing beyond my little box of knowledge after all I have now started watching Food Network so I can do everything those chefs can do.  ;)  I haven't really had any epic disasters and I owe many thanks to Paula Deen.  Hubby gives her almost all the credit for teaching me to make some amazing fried chicken among other things. 

If you have read this blog you know that we are not into the all organic or crazy fancy but I will say I don't cook with anything from a box and given a choice will cook frozen or fresh over canned any day, I am all about knocking as many preservatives as I can out of our daily diet.  Am I saying I am the best cook ever?  No but I am saying that I enjoy experimenting and want to share what I find with all of you!  What works for my family may not work for yours but half the fun of cooking is pushing the limits to see what you can accomplish. 

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