Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pancake Dippers

I am sure you have seen this recipe floating around on Pinterest so I decided to give it a try this morning.  The kids LOVED them, hubby said they were good but not earth shattering and I don't like pork so I stayed clear of them.  However there weren't any leftover so I guess that in itself is a good sign!

 *Riches to Rags* by Dori: Buffet Pancake Dippers with Bacon
1 Recipe Bisquick pancakes
12 slices of bacon

Cook bacon and set it aside
Heat griddle to 300 degrees
Pour mixture into a squeeze bottle with a hole big enough for the batter (I didn't do this it seemed like it would be just as easy to use my ladle)
Squirt (or ladle) batter into a long oval shape just slightly wider than the bacon
Gently press bacon into the center
Pour more batter over the top of bacon
Cook until the batter bubbles
Flip and cook a little longer.

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