Saturday, November 9, 2013

Menu for 11-11 to 11-17

B- Pancakes and Bacon
L- Corn Dogs
D- Chicken and Dressing (New Recipe) and Green Beans

Tuesday (Phillips daddy is coming over for dinner)
B- Muffins
L- Mini Pizzas
D- Cheeseburgers, French Fries and Pea Salad (Hubby's choice)

B-Cinnamon Bread
L- Lunch with Nathan at school (They are having their Thanksgiving Dinner)
D- Cheddar Baked Chicken (New Recipe), Broccoli and Macaroni and Cheese

Thursday (Bunco night for mommy so I need something easy that hubby can just reheat)
B- Mc Donald's ( don't judge it was a busy morning)
L- Sandwiches
D- Smashburger (coupons)

B- Biscuits and Gravy
L- Honey Chicken Skewers and Rice
D- Fresh Beat Band Concert!!! (My kids are beyond excited)

B- Tater Tot Casserole (Crockpot)
L- Potato Soup
D- Thanksgiving Party at our house!

B- ?
L- Hot Dogs
D- Leftovers

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