Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Chicken Burritos

This meal was made out of pure necessity, seeing as how we are eating out so much this week I decided to scrounge something up at home for our lunch.  Last night I had made a roast to take to some friends for dinner and it shrunk to less than half of the original size so while at the store I bought a rotessire chicken from the deli.  We used it for our dinner last night and then I chopped it up for lunch today.  I would say that was money well spent.

Chopped Chicken (ours was garlic flavored)

So I took the chicken and cheese and placed them in the middle of my tortilla
Rolled it up burrito style (fold in ends, one side and then roll)
Placed in baking dish topped with more cheese and leftover queso dip
Bake at 350 till cheese bubbles

Simple and easy.  I love to take old things and make something new, fun and delicious with them.

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