Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jacob's Avenger Party

Today we celebrated Jacob's fifth birthday, this is a run down from his party.  He had so much fun and we really loved this theme!

Giant Backdrop
Blocks Painted to Look Like Buildings
Signs Hanging From Celing (Pow, Boom, Zap, Bam)
Avenger Buckets (for food)

Thor Hammers (Cheese Cubes with Pretzels)
Spiderman Cake
Hero Subs (Sandwich)
Catwoman Claws (Bugles)
Power Nuggets (Chicken Nuggets)
Joker's Juice (Kool Aids)
Energy Bursts (M&M's)
Hulk's Debris (Green Rice Krispies)
Crunchy Cyclones (Chips)

Photo 17 of 24: The Avengers / Birthday "Avengers Assemble!" | Catch My Party

Games/ Activities
Tattoos (5)
Decorate a Shield (15)
Diffuse Balloon Bombs (5)
Bean Bag Toss (5)
Story (5)
Superhero Academy (10) (Depending on Weather weren't able to do)
Scavenger Hunt  (10)
Parachute Game (5) (Depends on Weather)
Hammer Toss (5)
Cake/ Food (15)
Presents (15)

mighty thor hammer

Goodies (12 bags)
Bags (clearance after Halloween 25 cents each)
Tattoos (clearance after Halloween 10 cents for 36 tattoos)
Pencils ($1 for 4)
Cups ($1 each)
Masks ($2 for 4)
Puzzles ($3 for 6)
Iron Man Glider (?)

Avengers Assemble Masks

Marvel's Avengers Assemble™ Tattoos

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