Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hot Springs

On Friday one of my best girl friends and I left and went for a girls only trip to Hot Springs.  We had a wonderful weekend relaxing and doing lots of fun things.  Over the weekend we went to a Bathhouse and took the baths, had massages and had facials, we also did some MAJOR shopping, went to the horse races, took a "ghost" tour, did lots of walking and even more eating.

Blue Monkey- This was on of the places that several people told us to go to and it was a hit!  The menu is huge and has EVERYTHING on it.  There is American food, Mexican food, Chinese food, pub food, etc... We might have had two orders of the fried macaroni balls but hey who's counting.  ;-)  I firmly believe that on vacation calories do NOT count.

Another place we were told we just had to go to was the Ohio Club!  The history of the place is very interesting in fact it is the oldest registered bar in Arkansas.  They claim to have the best burger in the state and all the locals rave about it.  We tried to get in on Friday night and the place was packed!  I mean you couldn't even get in the door let alone find a surface to eat on.  So we went back Saturday after the races and let me say I was less than impressed.  I even said, "I'm not sure I want to eat this".  Turns out I was on to something.  Five hours after we ate lunch there I was sick as a dog... this was my first and hopefully only case of food poisoning.

Luckily we had planned on spending that evening in our hotel anyway so by 7 we were both in our pajamas laying in our beds watching tv.  We had a great weekend, had some kid free and husband free time and now we are safely home (weather got bad on the way home) and enjoying our famalies.

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