Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Raising Money

This year Nathan is going to be attending Pine Cove Base Camp at our church, he is VERY excited about it.  Since the price of camp is fairly high ($240) my husband thought he would appreciate it more if he helped raise the money.  He started off with doing a little yard work for my parents here and there and then "had a brilliant idea". 
He decided that he wanted to sell cookies, brownies, and cinnamon bread.  When he first came up with this idea I honestly sort of dreaded it thinking I would be doing most of the work but I will say that he has done most of the work himself.   Not only has he raised enough money for Pine Cove but he is still happily baking and now his brother and sister are joining him.  They are now working on raising money for zoo camp. 
This has been a fun family project and we have gotten to spend lots of time in the kitchen together, this afternoon my grandmother will be joining in the fun.  Nathan has done a great job all the cookies are put in pretty packages and then in bags with ribbon and a hand written thank you note.  I am so proud of this little guy! 

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