Thursday, May 22, 2014

Corndog Night at Sonic

For about a week there has been a sign outside of Sonic saying that today is $.50 corn dog night!  So you would think since I drive past it everyday I would have remembered, luckily a friend posted a picture on facebook or else I would have completely forgotten and as we all know that would have been tragic... or not, but sometimes I can be slightly dramatic.

So after Belle got out of dance I headed on over to Sonic to get dinner because I had already decided I wasn't cooking tonight and this seemed like a cheap way to feed the family.  So as I start to order my oldest decides he doesn't like corn dogs which leads to him getting a chicken sandwich, hubby decides to add a large onion ring, and I was planning on chicken strips anyway.  This made our dinner not quite as cheap as I had planned but still it isn't often that you can "go out" to eat and feed a family of 5 for $13. 

When we got home my middle son decided that he doesn't like the breading on corn dogs (this is a very recent development and when I say recent I mean tonight) so I have to pull off all the breading on his two corndogs.  My little girl thank God loved her dinner, in fact she apparently was so hungry that between her and my oldest son they ate most of my meal...  Which means mommy was basically left eating the crumbs.

The point of this post?  I think next time I will pass on fifty cent corn dog night because apparently Belle and Phillip are the only one's in our family who really like corndogs at all.  Lesson learned!

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