Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Activities For the Kiddos

As a mom I know that by the end of the school year we are rejoicing, thank heavens it's summer, now I can sleep late and be lazy.  Now this will last all of about a week in our house and then the kiddos will be up early, demanding breakfast, and wanting to play video games.  My goal for this summer is to spend less time infront of the television and less time with our video games and to do more as a family. 

Several of these things are really cheap or free so I am excited about the upcoming summer, I hope you can get some ideas from this list and that you will keep up with all we do!  If you have any other ideas comment below so that we can give it a try.  Also be sure to check out your local library, the library in our town is AMAZING!  They have a movie every Monday, story time is Thursday
(all year), and then they have a special guest (magician, juggler, etc.) come in once a week during the summer.

Splash Pad
Vacation (We are going whale watching, riding a train, pirate adventures, etc)
Weekend Trip to our Beach House
Chuck E Cheese
Decorate Sidewalk with Chalk
Drive in Movie (could even do this at home, we do outdoor movies at our parties)
Vacation Bible School
Fly Kites
Park Day
Random Act of Kindness Day
Pump It Up
Kids Station
Science Project
Putt Putt Golf
Summer Reading Program
Swim Lessons
Meet our Soldier and His Family
Camp in the City (this is for Nathan only)

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