Sunday, June 29, 2014

Boston Day 2

We slept till 8:40 (7:40 at home)!!!  Then got up, went and found breakfast and headed into Boston (about 15 minutes from our hotel) and parked the car (we ended up paying $36 for the day!!!!!!!) . 

We then went on our harbor cruise which was free since we did the trolley tour, just fyi this is the best AND easiest way to get around Boston.  I highly recommend Old Town Trolley, you can hop on and off for two days and you get a free cruise for everyone in your group.  Our tickets were only about $130 and we never waited more than 5 minutes for the next one to come.  We also learned a lot of history about the city.  These first few pics are pics from the boat...

Waiting on the boat.
They really do love each other!
We then got on the trolley for day two and hit up Mike's Pastry shop.  We got this whole box of goodies for $12.50 which is less than we paid for the chocolate we ate last night, and sooooo much better.  There was a pretty big line but it went VERY quickly! 

A few random pics...


Phillip's lunch, he said his sandwich was amazing... It was some sort of Asian pork sandwich on a baguette! 

For dinner we went to Bobby Flay's burger joint!  It was pretty good Nathan said it was the best burger ever... he didn't go with us to Hilton Head last year when we ate at Robert Irvine's... that WAS the best burger ever however this was a close second!  The great thing is that he is opening several locations across the country!
My kind of burger it came with the chips already on it!
After dinner we headed back to the hotel for another swim, now we are all laying around watching cartoons and I am reading a Duck Dynasty book that I borrowed from a friend! 

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