Monday, June 2, 2014


I know there are several of you who read my blog but may not know me in "real life".  Well just so you know I am a clean freak, I absolutely love having a nice clean home.  Recently I discovered a product line that has changed my world.  I have three small kids ages 6, 5, and 4 and they keep me very busy.  So when I found out about NORWEX I was very skeptical at first and decided that I would buy an enviro cloth and see what I thought and then go from there.  The first time I used the cloth I was shocked at how amazing it was. 

Isn't that awesome?  I  did that with just a Norwex cloth, some water, and a little "elbow grease" as my grandparents would say.  I was so in awe that I took this picture which I don't typically do!  So after this I decided I needed a few more things.  I am now the proud owner of multiple enviro cloths, the mini enviro cloths, the dusting mitt, the enviro wand, the wool dryer balls, the window cleaning rag, etc... and they are all just wonderful.  Cleaning up now takes much less time and is much safer.  If you have young children I highly recommend this, you are able to keep your home chemical free!!!

All of this to say there are a few (or several) more things that I want so I am having a party this week.  Please go check out their stuff and see if you find something you need (trust me you need it all).  If you decide to place an order make sure you select Raegan Mirick as your hostess so that I can get credit for it. 
Have a great day and happy shopping!

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