Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cape Cod Day 1

The resort we are staying at has sketchy internet... something to do with the high level of humidity...  Anyway hubby just loaded the pictures to the computer so I wanted to share them here.  Phillip has taken over the camera on this trip however I am the one who got all the great pictures of the whales. 

We started off Monday by going to the Cheesecake Factory for a quick lunch before heading to the Cape.  Sadly we forgot to take pictures of our food but hubby said since it is a chain no one cares anyway.  ;-)  After lunch we drove about 90 minutes to Hyannis where we went and immediately hopped on our boat to go whale watching!  This was an AMAZING experience!  The kids loved it however they were slightly worried about how much the boat rocked (my kids have never been on a boat that was quite this bouncy as Isabelle said).  So here are a few pictures...

Enjoying the view while waiting for everyone to board.
Apparently something was on the lens, everyone loved these cute little whale watchers!
Very rocky ride!
You can barely see her!
These whales are the 2nd largest animals in the world.
I was sad I didn't get her whole body in this picture!
This man is an AMAZING daddy!
They LOVED it!
Sleepy girl.
After we were done whale watching we set off to find our resort.  When I say resort I use this term loosely because I have stayed at many resorts and most of them are extremely nice... in fact I am a hotel snob I prefer to only stay in places that start with the letter H (Hilton, Hyatt, Hampton Inn, even Holiday Inn etc...) because they are typically pretty nice.  This resort had the last available room when we booked about 6 months ago so we took it and well at first I was mortified however it is growing on me.  Most people wouldn't be bothered by it but like I said I am a little spoiled.  ;-)  I might have told my mother it was so bad that we had to share a community bathroom with three other rooms... this is not true!!!  If it was we would be sleeping in the rental car.  I will say that they do a great job coming in and cleaning everyday!
On to dinner we went to dinner at a place on the harbor called Dockside we were told the prices were reasonable and that the food was good.  The food was ok but for me I don't consider $90 reasonable...  anyway the view was amazing.  We sat out on the deck even though it was slightly chilly and all the other patrons were inside... it would have been romantic if there weren't three adorable loud kiddos there.

 Isn't this gorgeous?

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