Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cape Cod Day 2

So Tuesday we headed to breakfast at the cheapest and best breakfast place yet.  Bagels and Beyond is a small little shop where all the locals go the portions are huge and the price is low.  Our food was under $15 for 5 people... we ended up with a cinnamon roll, chocolate chip pancakes, a bagel sandwich, an extra blueberry bagel and a chocolate chip muffin! 

Apparently there is a sand sculpture contest and we are tracking them down... Well actually we are just snapping pics when we see them so here are a few for your viewing pleasure.  ;-)

This one is outside our "resort".

Hmm... who knows where this one is?

Next we went and toured the Cape Cod Factory where the chips are made.  For $11 we got a beach bucket filled with chips, a beach ball, and a spinny thing, a post card and another large bag of chips.  You aren't allowed to take pictures inside so we snapped a few before entering, P and I tried to get Nathan to take a couple of us together... that didn't work out so well.

Since we had nothing else to do we decided to take a little drive down the cape.  Here are a few pictures!
This was lunch.
Did a little wine tasting!  Texas and Arkansas wine is much better!  Still fun though.

Sand dunes.
Found this little place.
We headed back to Yarmouth where we decided to have dinner at Trader Ed's mainly because kids eat free on Tuesday and appetizers are half price...  We ended up with these two meals, a kids meal, and an appetizer and it was still $60.  I can't get over how expensive it is here!  Phillip said his shrimp was great and my chicken sandwich rocked so I guess it all worked out.

After dinner while driving back to our room I saw a mechanical bull and decided I needed to try this.  I find it humorous that I am from Texas and have to go up to Yankee land to ride a bull lol.  I had many supporters as people driving down the road were cheering along with my kiddos...  Let me tell you it is WAY easier than it looks!

This is my nervous face!

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