Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cape Cod Day 4

Today was a lot of fun.  When we got up we grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to our Pirate Adventure.  We have done these types of things before but this one was by far the best!  They were GREAT with the kids and it was entertaining for P and I also.

Not sure why I took these up and down but I did.  :-(
Shooting the cannons.
After the Pirate Adventure they saw all these props and wanted to take their pics with them.

"Daddy it's like Jaws"
This is his scared face.
After the photo ops we went to Uno which is a popular place here... Phillip and the kiddos enjoyed their food, mine was ok but honestly $15 for a piece of chicken was ridicuolous and the service was terrible.  I was a waitress at one point and realize that it is hard work and I am typically a REALLY good tipper however this girl probably got the worst tip I have ever left!
I thought the babies were cute!
We then headed back to the room to rest before going to dinner and to a bounce house park. 
We decided to do dinner at Hearth and Kettle which is a local chain.  When we first got there we found another one of our sand sculptures that we are scoping out.

Early Bird Specials at the Hearth 'n Kettle Restaurants on Cape Cod and in Weymouth, Plymouth MA
The pic in the middle is what P and I had.  I put my camera on the table at both meals to remind me to take pictures and I still forgot!  It was really good though.
After dinner we went to Cape Cod Inflatables which is a great place with a TON of bounce houses, games, and Putt Putt golf.  They have a little of everything and this is just a few of the pictures I took.
I think Phillip loved this place as much as the kids did.  When it was time to leave they did something they have never done before, my two little men tried to hide.  Luckily this momma was watching them.  We are now sitting at the hotel waiting for the tropical storm to roll in.  Happy Thursday everyone!

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