Friday, July 4, 2014

Cape Cod Day 5

This morning we slept fairly late and then got up and headed to Bagels and Beyond (I know I know shocker).  Phillip is already trying to figure out how many bagels he can fit in his carry on to bring home with him. 
Clearly they weren't ready...
Much better!

Since we have a tropical storm heading our way we decided to go hunt down a few more of the sand sculptures before the rain.  We treated it like a scavenger hunt and got excited each time we spotted one.

Who doesn't love a naked "wormaide"?
Nathan wanted to take this one!
Stopped at the candy store for a minute!
After finding all those sand castles we picked up lunch for the kids at Mc Donalds and headed back to the resort for a little bit.  After we rested and read our books we set off in search of an ornament.  I like getting an ornament from every place we vacation putting the year on it, and then we have a special tree just for these at Christmas time.  It's a fun way to remember all the things we have done as a family.  Before we finally found our ornaments we drove about 25 minutes (in the pouring rain) to a store called The Christmas Tree Shops.  You would think with a name like this that they would have a few Christmas related items... you would be wrong... and so were we!  They had NOTHING that in any way could have been considered Christmasy however they did have this really cute ice cream dish that I bought for our ice cream party. 

Photo: Bought this today for the ice cream party.

Our Cape Cod ornament.
We finally found one at a store about 5 minutes from our room... wouldn't you know it!
We then decided to grab a bite to eat before going back to our room for the night like I said earlier there is a tropical storm here and it is raining hard and the wind is blowing pretty fiercely.  So we went back to 99 and I had some amazing Bruschetta Chicken and of course forgot a picture even though I set my camera on the table. 

Grilled Angus Chopped Sirloin*
Phillip's dinner.
Bruschetta Chicken
My dinner.

Our "petite sweet".  That brownie was amazing, it was fudgy with a graham cracker crust on bottom!
We are now in our room listening to the rain and watching the wind blowing the trees!  Since we fly home tomorrow evening we are taking it easy and making sure everything is packed up.

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