Sunday, July 27, 2014

School Lunch Ideas

I love the back to school excitement, don't get me wrong I hate losing my kiddos during the day, but I love the shopping!  I love buying backpacks, lunch boxes, all the fun supplies and oh the clothes.  In fact I have been known to go overboard on the shopping part.

There are a few things though that I do not enjoy about the end of summer break: losing my kids, waking up early to make breakfast and get kids ready and chores done, AND the lunch dilemma.  It is so hard for me to figure out what to send in their lunches.

I hate sending the same thing day after day.  My oldest loves sandwiches but good heavens can we say BORING!  I do spice up life a little by cutting them into cute shapes but I need ideas for more "main dishes".  It is so hard because they don't have access to a microwave so they can't heat things up and there are very few foods that taste good cold.  :-)  I am pretty sure that a lot of you moms are in the same predicament I find myself in. 

One thing I started doing last year that we love is a bento style lunch.  The kids have super cute little boxes that I got from Wal Mart with super heroes on them.  They have four spots and typically I fill those spots with a main, a side, a sweet, and a fruit/veggie.  Nathan also gets a pudding and they get a juice box.  This will be my first year making two lunches and my middle child is slightly pickier so that makes me even more nervous!

So I have decided to enlist help!  I am listing all my ideas and hope that you will give me a few of yours!

Ham and Cheese Sandwich
P,B, and J Sushi

Cheese Sticks
Gold Fish
Cheese Cubes
Baked Chips

Apple Slices
Mandarin Oranges
Carrot Sticks

1 Candy Piece
Rice Krispie

I end up taking one thing from each category adding a Jello, Pudding, or Yogurt and a Kool Aid pouch or water.

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