Friday, August 1, 2014

American Girl Birthday Party

When my daughter told me she wanted an American Girl party for her 4th birthday I spent hours trying to figure out what to do.  Finally I decided to take her and her best friend Ellie Mae to the AG Doll store in Dallas so that she could get her dolls hair done and eat at the restaurant.  However the day of her party we got a freak winter storm and were not able to drive the 2.5 hours to the store. 

A good mom always has a back up plan so we went to the local beauty school and both girls got their hair in an up do and Isabelle had her doll get her hair done as well.  I am pretty sure that the girl who did the dolls hair was slightly confused about what was going on (her English wasn't great).  The girls loved it though and felt "Fancy". 

Before (Notice Belle and the doll have matching dresses)


After they had their hair done we went to lunch at a great place in town Barron's.  It is an upscale restaurant that our family loves.  The owners are absolutely wonderful and the staff in the café and the store are superb.  When we got there Belle had brought in her high chair so her doll could "eat" with us at the table and one of the waiters brought her doll a giant candy cane.  I love that the staff does these simple little things to make their guests feel special.

After lunch we went and did a little shopping at Crazy 8 and each of the girls got a few pieces of bling.  The birthday girl might have gotten a few more. ;-).  Even though the day didn't go as planned we still had a great time!

*The dresses were made by my mother in law who is a great artist and sells her work online. 

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