Friday, August 1, 2014

Candy Land Birthday Party

For our daughter's first birthday party I picked a Candy Land theme.  As I am sure you know we do birthdays BIG in this house, we throw some rockin' parties.  This one was sooooo cute.  Plus she looked precious in her big frilly dress.  Her birthday is in December so Hobby Lobby had a ton of great stuff.

I didn't realize she was sooo chubby!  What a cutie pie!

Giant Candy Shapes (Hobby Lobby)
Candy Garland (HL)
Candy Ornaments (HL)
Cut Out Candies Hanging From Ceiling (I used my cricut)
Candy Land Signs (Gumdrop, etc...)
Large Lollipops (Wrap and Paper Plates and a Stick)
Glass Bowls Filled With Candy
DIY Candy Land Party Decorations ~ plenty of decoration ideas inspirations to do it yourself! How easy is this LollyPop Marker!
Jelly Beans
Reese's Pieces
Gum Drops
Bit of honey
Pixie Sticks

Activities (Since This Was A 1st Bday We Didn't Do A Whole Lot)
Decorate Cookies (Icing, Candies, Sprinkles, Etc)
Open Presents
Snack Time
"Gum Drop" Toss

Goody Bags
Candy Tattoos
Pens With Candy Logos
Candy Shaped Soaps
Candy Stickers (Smelled Yummy)
Candy Bars

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