Friday, August 1, 2014

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Yes I did go there!  My daughter's second birthday was a Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend Party.  It was sooo cute and all the little girls LOVED it.  Hubby thinks I am creating a monster and I am ok with that. ;-)  This one is hard for me to remember, so there aren't as many details!

I set up a "jewelry store" and used black necklace holders and bracelet and ring holders.
The table was pink and black and white.
Plastic pink champagne flutes were filled with "diamonds".
The diamonds were also sprinkled over the table.
Large jewels were hanging from the ceiling.

The cupcakes were pink with rings and diamonds stuck in the top.
Finger Sandwiches
Bite Size Cookies
Diamonds are a girls best friend
The little girls went shopping at the jewelry store where they were able to pick a necklace, earrings, ring, bracelets, and hair clips.  They put them in cute little "Tiffany" bags that I had made. (This took a while)
Pin the ring on the girl

Goody Bags
They got their bags from their "shopping" spree.

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