Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tennessee Day 5 and 6

On day 5 we went to Splash Country which is the water park portion of Dollywood.  It was a ton of fun and we all had a blast, everyone except hubby got slightly sunburned, and we are now peeling but it was soooo worth it!  We got there at about 9:30 and they open at 10 so this gave us enough time to get our tickets and put all our stuff in our locker.  As soon as they opened we were ready to go.  Since we were there so early we were able to ride all the rides several times and only had to wait in line one time and that was only for about ten minutes.  We didn't take the camera because we didn't want to get it wet and mess it up but there were lots of smiles that day. 

After the water park we went back to the house and had hamburgers and played Canasta, a card game.  The girls whooped the boys tails!

On day 6 we went to Dollywood luckily we were able to take the camera it was so much fun and such a pretty park.  Both the parks are so well maintained and so clean the only other place I have been to that is this clean is Disneyworld.

I love that they had a few hard core roller coasters for the people who are slightly more daring than I am and that they also had plenty of stuff for whimps like me and smaller kids.  Isabelle who is only four was able to ride about 90% of the rides.

P did this one alone!

The boys did this and loved it!

They had a bird show that we went to!

I love the 50's style!

The first things Jacob said was, "Make sure you are buckled mommy".

Jacob told me to scream.  Lol.

 Last ride of the day.  It was my favorite!

She wanted her picture with the pretty girls as we were leaving.

 That night we went to Outback for dinner, I had a coupon and so it ended up being a fairly cheap and yummy meal. 

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