Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tennessee Day 1

This past week we took our second vacation of the summer.  We are very blessed my parents have several vacation homes in different places that we can use whenever we want.  This time we went to their house in Tennessee (the Smoky Mountains).  It is right outside of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg so there is a TON of stuff to do!  We all had a blast.

Our first day of vacation was spent driving, kind of boring, so I am starting with our first actual day in Tennessee.

When we woke up we decided to go get some breakfast.  There are pancake places all over the town... like seriously on every corner... some of them right beside each other.

The kids LOVED that their pancake looked like a bear!

 My mother with three cute kiddos.

 Me and my dad.

 Outside the restaurant.

After breakfast we did a little bit of shopping.  My mother LOVES to shop so we decided to go ahead and get it out of the way.  There are a couple of flea markets which I had never been a fan of but these rocked!  There was one store where they had cookbooks for a dollar!!!  Guess who came home with a "few".  They had some really really neat things.

After the flea markets we headed to the knife store.  I was less than thrilled about this but it ended up being a really great store and they have much more than just knives.  There are some awesome cooking goodies.

 Yep he decided to try kangaroo!
After the knife store we did some outlet shopping now that is where I am at home.  ;-)

Since it was Saturday and that means kids eat free at Denny's we decided to stop at this Denny's.  I think it is by far the prettiest one I have ever seen.  We called it an early day because we were all pretty worn out.

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