Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tennessee Day 2

On our second day in Tennessee we treated ourselves to some Krispy Kreme... we don't have them where we live. 

Next we decided to do a little hike to Clingman's Dome.  The entire way was paved so we didn't expect it to be bad however it was all up hill and kind of steep.  Our kids did better than I expected and didn't really start to whine till we were at the top.  The view is amazing from the lookout tower, it made me nervous though with the kids up there so I took them down while hubby and my dad stayed back and took some pictures.

On the way down Phillip and the boys decided to take a different path and meet us at the bottom.  This led to them getting slightly lost and going a few miles past where they were supposed to meet us in the parking lot.  They had a great time though and are proud to say that "they would have been in Georgia soon".  Luckily they met someone else on the trail who noticed they didn't have any camping gear and made sure they knew they were past the take out point. 

After our hiking we did a little driving to look at the scenery everything was so pretty and green.

We also stopped at a half price bookstore/ Moon Pie store and the kids had to have their pictures taken.

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