Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tennessee Day 3

On our third day Phillip and the kids and I left my parents at the house and we headed to the Forbidden Caverns.  I knew that the boys would love this and it was on the top of my list of things to do.  Phillip took so many great pictures that it was hard to decide which ones to share but these are my favorites.  Nathan my science lover was so attentive to the guide and stayed at the front of the group so that he could ask questions.

She didn't like how dark it got when they turned out the lights.

Looking up from the bottom!

The caverns were really neat at the lowest point we were 650 feet underground.  We learned that the cavern had formally been used as a place to make moon shine.  The guide showed us how the men had entered the caves and lets just say there is no chance I would do that.  One of my favorite parts of the caverns was the river that flowed through it.  The water is 99 percent pure and crystal clear, I also think he said it was around 40 degrees.  The river leads to an underground lake that you can only get to with scuba gear! 

After the caverns we went to the house picked up my parents and headed to Gatlinburg the plan was to ride the alpine slide but sadly that didn't happen.  It had been raining off and on all day and the slide has to be closed down if it gets wet.  So while at the top of the mountain the kids decided to be silly and take these pictures.

When we left we decided to try and walk through the main strip of Gatlinburg but only got to go to a couple of places before it started pouring rain and we were soaked!  It was sooooo cold!

I had to stop in here!  She is building a restaurant in PF that should be done in September.

Forgot to turn this oops.

Our next to last stop of the evening was a BBQ place called Tony Gores.  Apparently he is somewhat of a Christian singer and has a restaurant in Pigeon Forge.  I am typically not that big a fan of BBQ however this food was really good and we will go back next time we are in town.
Fried rolls!!!  Heaven!!!

Fried green tomatoes in a pig basket.

Yep the men had fried corn.

For our last stop of the day my dad wanted to pick up some doughnuts for breakfast the next morning.

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