Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tennessee Day 7 and 8

Day 7- Some how we have no pictures of this either.  After spending the last two days at the parks we wanted an easy day.  The plan was to go hiking however when we got to the place we wanted to hike, we found out it took about 5 hours roundtrip and Belle got bit by a bee so that didn't happen.

We then went to the next trail and couldn't find a place within a mile to park, so the next plan was for the guys to hike and us girls to go get our nails done.  As luck would have it we couldn't find a place in Gatlinburg to have our nails done so we ended up just walking down the strip one last time and stopping in for some candy.  The first place we went to we stood for ten minutes and even tried to get the attention of the employees but they ignored us so we went to Aunt Mahalia's (we had been there earlier in the week).  The candy was great and service was amazing!

We got home early that night, loaded the van, and played cards again and then turned in.

Day 8!!! On the road again just cant wait to get on the road again... Time to head home.  We woke up early, cleaned the house, and headed out.  We took a different way home and it was so pretty.  We ended up going through Chatanooga and Vicksburg.  Chatanooga was such a pretty town and I would love to go back!  In Vicksburg we stopped at the outlet mall to shop errrrr stretch...  That is where I bought this beauty.

Photo: Stopped at the Coach store on out way home.

We had a great trip and hope you enjoy the pictures!

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