Friday, October 3, 2014

Bake Sale Ideas

This morning/early afternoon I worked a bake sale for my little girl's dance school, every year we have a community project and this year we are buying gifts for the angel tree kids at Christmas.  For about a month we have been telling the moms that we are going to be doing it so that they could be prepared to make something.  We had a great time and made an AMAZING amount of money so I decided to compile a list of tips.

*Pretty packaging matters!!!  I can't stress this enough, things sell much better when you add a little ribbon or a pretty box.
*Clear packages are best so that people can see the item for sale.
*Individual items don't sell well (Cookies, candy, etc...)
*Cupcakes don't sell, you would think they do but they don't.  Trust me!
*If buying store bought items a little effort goes a long way.  Put it on a plate, add cellophane, and some ribbon.
*Group like items together so shopping is easier.
*Don't make things that need to be refrigerated!!!  (This should be a no brainer but trust me it apparently isn't)
*Make sure people know the cause for the bake sale... they tend to donate more this way. ;-)
*The first Friday of the month is the best time to do a bake sale.  Trust me!

A Few Things That Sell Really Well
*Marshmallow pops (Weird right???)
*Cookies (atleast 12 to a package)
*Breads!!!  These were our number one sellers!
Marshmallow Lollipops

Bake Sale Cookies + Free Printable Tags!  #cookies #printables

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