Monday, October 27, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge!

Wow this was an amazing "weekend".  As most of you know my husband has been working a crazy amount of hours lately... averaging 75+ hours every week going on about two months now without an end in sight.  So we were thrilled when he was able to get TWO days off in a row!  I can not remember the last time this happened.  As soon as we found out the days for sure I booked a room at Great Wolf Lodge and started planning a fun filled weekend with daddy.  The kids and I were so excited to have him with us for a few days and he was thrilled to not be at work.

We woke up Sunday (we skipped church, shh don't tell) and headed for Dallas.  Our first stop was Cheesecake Factory for a wonderful lunch!  Jacob wouldn't let me take his picture but these two goofballs did.

After lunch we hit up one of our favorite place in Dallas.  We went to the half price book warehouse, it is HUGE and the books are so cheap.  I took several books in to sell and got a whopping $4 but hey I guess it's better than nothing.  After we finished up at the bookstore, where I got a "few" new cookbooks, we set out to find our hotel.
Phillip and I are both really bad with directions but the Great Wolf Lodge is surprisingly easy to find and there were several signs showing us how to get there.  The kids were amazed when we pulled up and honestly so were we.  The building is gorgeous and you can tell that thought was put into ALL of the "small" details.  Plus since it is almost Halloween they had decorated it for the holiday.

Check in was very efficient and they had our room ready even though we had arrived early.  One of my favorite things about GWL was that you use your bracelet for EVERYTHING.  You use it as your room key and can even use it to pay.  It was so convenient!

After check in we went to see our room, it was a great size and the kids loved that they got to sleep in the wolf den.  They were in heaven in fact I am currently thinking we might need a wolf den in our home because they stayed in it the whole time we were in our room. ;-)



We didn't spend long in our room though because we were headed to the water park... which I didn't get any pictures of.  It was a great time and all the staff was so helpful.  There were 7 big slides, a wave pool, a smaller kid area with 2 more slides, a huge play area with all kinds of fun stuff, a lazy river and a hot tub for adults.
Once the kids were slightly worn out we went to the room changed clothes and ran to the mall because I wanted a new purse.  I am sort of a purse snob and got a gorgeous new MK purse which I forgot to take a picture of.  We only went to the one store at the mall so we were in and out quickly and decided to have Macaroni Grill for dinner.  Of course it was delicious... service wasn't so great. :-( The kids were entertained thought because they love that they can draw on the table.  I guess this is the only pic I took, to busy stuffing my face.

After we ate we ran back to GWL and went to do the trick or treating.  I love that they had this for the kiddos. They really focus on making sure there is a ton for the kids to do!  I love that they cater to famlies.

When trick or treating was over the kiddos got in their pajamas and we went down to watch the clock show and listen to a story.  After the story we went exploring and went to a movie (which was expensive and honestly not that amazing) the kids were worn out after that so we headed back to the wolf's den and they all fell asleep within five minutes.
The next morning the kiddos woke up and were ready to play again so we grabbed a quick breakfast at the buffet and headed back to the water park where we played for several more hours before heading home.  The kiddos were so sad to leave but the tears stopped as soon as we promised to come back again.




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