Thursday, December 25, 2014

Our Families Christmas Traditions

This year we started what I hope to be a new tradition, we went to the opening night of the light festival in Nacitotches, La.  It was amazing, there were fireworks, lights, bands, delicious food, and lots of smiles... until as we were packing up to go our daughter got something in her eye.  We tried to get it out using water and it was stuck.  Luckily we have great eye doctors and we called them and they met us at the clinic at ten that evening and had it out within a minute or two.  (This part we don't hope to repeat ;-) )

Santa Land- While we go at least twice a year we ALWAYS go opening night November 1st.  We also hit up Cracker Barrel while we are there.

Our local state park has Christmas in the park, it is free and we LOVE it.

Decorate Cookies- We decorate a batch of sugar cookies!

Everyone gets a new ornament that represents that year for them.

Each of the kids gets their own wrapping paper depending on what they liked that year.  This year we have Frosty, Scooby Doo, and Doc Mc Stuffins.

We make goodies for our neighbors and deliver them!  (Fudge, cookies, candies, etc...)

Christmas Eve everyone gets to unwrap new pajamas and we watch a Christmas movie together.

We spend many nights driving around looking at Christmas lights.

We have homemade Chex Mix and beautiful music the day after Thanksgiving while decorating our LIVE tree.

Angel Tree kids- We always do several of these, our goal is for our kids to know how blessed they are.

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