Saturday, January 31, 2015

Avengers Live

Today we went to see the Avengers Live.  It was a great show even for me, someone who is not all that into superheroes.  It worked out great because we bought the tickets over a year ago so we had plenty of money to make a weekend of it.

Yesterday we pulled the kiddos out of school early and headed to Dallas, dropped my grandmother off to spend a week with my aunt and then set off for Isabelle's favorite part of the trip.  This child loves EVERYTHING American Girl.  She loves the dolls, the books, the store, the café, etc...

We love the AG store
Here she is with her purchases.
Next we went to our hotel, I booked it on priceline and got an AMAZING deal.  We would stay there again for sure!  If you know me then you know I only stay at hotels that start with the letter H (Hilton, Hyatt, Hampton, Holiday Inn, etc....).  Luckily for us it was across the interstate from the AG store so we didn't have far to go.
Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre Hotel, TX - Exterior

We hung out at the hotel for a while and then decided to run and do a little outlet shopping and get something to eat.  We ended up eating first and everyone agreed that we had to go to Macaroni Grill.  It is our go to spot in Dallas. 
Macaroni Grill
After dinner we hit up the Allen Premium Outlets.  Coach was having a great sale and I found a purse I was in love with... the only problem is that someone else was carrying it around and they didn't have more.  Before leaving I politely asked her to make sure she was buying it and when she said yes hubby discouraged me from tackling her and just taking it.  We then went to the MK store where I found nothing!  Luckily on a whim we stopped in a watch store where I got this goody...
He spoils me!
Next we headed back to the hotel where hubby played a game on the computer, the kids watched cartoons and I went to bed.
Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre Hotel, TX - Double Room
Be still my heart!
The next morning we slept in (about 6:30) and when we finally decided to get up (about 7 :-) )hubby went on a Chick Fil A run.  It was great because I got the kids clothes laid out so they could change after eating, and then climbed back in bed.  The kiddos and I watched reruns of Swamp People till daddy made it back.  Then we ate breakfast, got dressed, cleaned up and packed, and set off to explore the hotel.
Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre Hotel, TX - Front Desk
Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre Hotel, Tx - Outdoor Pool
Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre Hotel, Tx - Lincoln Center Lake
There is a really pretty walking path around this pond.
Then it was time to head back to the room and gather our things.  We set off in search of the American Airlines Center which wasn't too far away, paid 20 bucks, parked the van and headed inside.  Like I said earlier the kids LOVED the show and our seats were AMAZING. 
Our seats are AMAZING!!!
Raegan Mirick's photo.
As soon as the cast started taking their bows we headed out so we could beat the traffic and it worked out perfectly.  I decided to make a quick stop at Sam Moon, I needed a few things for a trip I am taking in a few weeks and knew that they would have the best prices.  After SM we got on the road heading for home... and lunch.  Traffic was terrible because of a wreck and hubby (and several other people) decided to take the HOV lane.
Phillip decided the van could fit through can't....
For some crazy reason he thought our van could fit between these... it can't.  Luckily they bend.
The wait at Cracker Barrel was insane so we ended up stopping at Applebee's in Terrell, after we ate we hit up the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and got some candy for the trip home.  On a whim we cut through Tyler and went to the James Avery store so I could pick out my Valentine's Day gift.
Trying to convince him I need it now... :-)
Picked out my Vday present
We had a great time and enjoyed a night away.  I am so thankful we are able to do things like this with our kiddos!


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