Friday, January 23, 2015


I feel so bad that I haven't posted much this week at all, but my oldest son came home from school early Tuesday and we have been battling the flu since.  As soon as I saw the number on my caller id I knew we were in trouble and that someone was sick.  Luckily I was already in the pickup line (I like being the first person there) so I was able to pull on up and went ahead and picked up both boys.  Immediately I could tell that Nathan wasn't feeling well at all and that Jacob felt fine.  "What were you thinking picking me up early?"

So I got a dr appointment Wednesday morning for Nathan.  When the dr walked in she asked what was going on.  He very nicely pointed at me and then himself and explained to her that we think he has the flu.  She told him that he was right and that he couldn't go to school this week.  His reply to that shocked her because he was very sad (my kids LOVE school, they have wonderful teachers). 

So that afternoon I started feeling blah which led  to me calling hubby to bring dinner home after work.  That night I slept a total of 3 hours because my back hurt so badly.  Thursday was miserable I spent most of the day on the couch and if you know me this is VERY unnatural!  I was able to get Jacob to school though and when we went to pick him up I stopped and got the other two kiddos a snack.... BIG mistake I ended up wearing that snack.

Yep you heard that right I was covered in throw up, in the mommy line with no way of escape!  In his defense Nathan did tap me on the shoulder to tell me he needed to throw up, when I turned to see what he needed is when it all went downhill.  The poor guy thought he was in trouble and immediately started crying and apologizing.  I (being covered in throw up ) kept cool and opened his side door just in case he had to throw up again... which he did (sorry Gilmer Elementary).

So that brings me to Thursday evening when hubby brought home Chick Fil A and Jacob started complaining about his throat.  He is now also running a fever and cried when I told him no school on Friday.  In fact he was so upset that he had to call his teacher so she would know why he wasn't there.

So this brings me to Friday, I have the flu, Nathan is recovering from the flu, and Jacob and now Belle seem like they also have the flu.  We fully intend on being quarantined to our house for the next several days, which is so hard for me.  Especially since we have missed so much already.  My parents anniversary dinner was supposed to be last night and my niece was going to have a sleepover, now that is all being pushed back a week.  :-(

This is how we feel... :-(
To Nathan from Malakai feel better (so sweet)
A get well gift from friends!

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