Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Las Vegas Day 2

Friday morning we slept in a bit and then headed out.  Our first stop was the M&M store so I could get my kiddos a few surprises.  The store was great and we even got to see a free 3-D movie.  I have never seen so many M&M's in my life, they were all there in every color and every type. 

After we had our souvenirs we headed on down the strip to find lunch.  We ended up eating at a great Mexican restaurant where I ended up somehow spilling my drink.  The food was great but sadly I forgot to take a picture. 

The CSI experience was the one thing N'kole really wanted to do so I was game.  It was a ton of fun, you go in and see the crime scene, you have to write down everything you can about it.  Then you go to different stations that they have set up to help you solve the murder.  Pictures were not allowed once you stepped off the escalator so we took one here.

While wondering through the hotel where CSI is located we saw this soap store.  This was incredibly cool to me because I LOVE fancy soaps and because I have a passion for food.  Aren't those beautiful?
Next we saw the Grand Luxe Café on our way out of the hotel and I had read on the internet that it was great so we stopped in for dinner.  The food was wonderful and the portions were huge.  My best friend and I both wanted to try the same two foods so she got one and I got the other and we split them.  I am so glad we walked back to our hotel that night because I needed the work out.
At some point that day we hit up the outlet mall, I can't remember exactly where we fit it in though.  I was sad because I wasn't able to find ANYTHING at the MK or Coach store finally I found a purse that I really liked at Dooney and Bourke, so I was happy again.  ;-)  The bus ride back to the strip was very interesting, all I am going to say about it is that we will NEVER forget a crazy man named Terry.

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