Friday, February 27, 2015

Las Vegas Day 3

Saturday morning we woke up, actually I woke up and got dressed to go downstairs for my massage.  It was an hour of bliss.  The lady who gave me my massage was older and had lived in Vegas her whole life so I learned some interesting things about the history of the town and about the people who run it today. 
No makeup!
After N'kole and I were done with our massages we went to this really cool restaurant that was geared for the Las Vegas rodeo.  There was a giant bull coming out the side of the building.  It was sooooo much fun.  Kristin had decided the night before to take her leftovers with her and so she opted to eat in the room.  She really missed out because the food was great and the atmosphere was extremely fun.  True Las Vegas. 
Raegan Mirick's photo.
Raegan Mirick's photo.
The portions were huge!  This was ALL mine!
As we were finishing up lunch Kristen met us on the strip and we decided to check out the gardens at the Bellagio so that we wouldn't be in too much of a hurry when we went there later.  It was gorgeous, except for the goats everywhere.  Apparently we decided to visit while they were celebrating Chinese New Year and I kind of think China must have been empty because I have never seen that many Chinese people anywhere in my life.  They were everywhere which meant that there were cute babies everywhere, I swear Chinese people make adorable babies!
These were all made from flowers!!!
Holy chocolate fountain!
That night we went to see "O" which was "one of the best shows".  The other two girls liked it, I wasn't all that impressed though, it was a little too weird for me and there was no story line.  I felt like I wasted $130.  Boo.  Another one I heard was great was the Beattles show so if you are ever in Vegas go see it instead!  Everyone I know who has seen it raved about it.
After the show was over Kristen wanted to see the fountains one more time so we stopped on the way out and watched the show.  As always it was beautiful!
We hit up Hard Rock Cafe that night for dinner, it was the one thing N'kole wanted to do on our trip so I was determined that we would squeeze it in.  The food was wonderful but the best part was sitting on the deck outside (it was slightly chilly) taking in everything going on below us on the strip.  We saw a car doing doughnuts in the middle of the highway, the woman that was with the guy driving had a look of pure terror on her face.  It was priceless!

After dinner we went back to our room to get some sleep since we had to fly out the next day.

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