Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trip home/ Vegas

Ever since I went to Vegas in February my husband has been wanting to go.  Not so much because of the gambling and shows but we both love architecture and looking at the different buildings.  So we decided to spend one night in Vegas and hit up all the cool buildings. 

I was so excited when I did name your own price on priceline and got the Venetian for $110.  This is over half off the normal price.  I was surprised that we got the hotel I was hoping for.  In my opinion it is the most gorgeous hotel in Vegas.

Raegan Mirick's photo.
The ceiling...
Lunch at Toby Keith's Bar and Grill
Raegan Mirick's photo.
Paris Hotel
M&M Store
Hershey Store (Inside New York)
Chocolaty goodness!
Carlo's Bake Shop (In our hotel)
The staff here was amazing.  Our oldest just wanted some cherries and they went to the back and got him a handful.  Everyone who worked there had a smile on their face and even though there were long lines it moved pretty quickly.  All the goodies we got tasted amazing and they were only $20!!!

The next day we got up early and headed home.  Unfortunately the construction and bad roads we were on ruined three of our tires and we ended up having to stop and get new ones.  I am so glad we did because later that evening while I was driving we ran into a really bad storm and at one point hydroplaned a little.  I am convinced if we hadn't gotten new tires it would have been much worse.  This was a total God thing!

Two hours at the tire store.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

San Diego Day 6

This was our day we had planned for the zoo, somehow we woke up a little later than we had planned and by the time we got to the zoo they were just opening.  I wanted to be early but hey not everything always works out as planned. 

Speaking of things not working out as planned... the kiosk at the zoo couldn't find our tickets, even though we used the one at the safari park just a few days before.  We were told to go to guest services, where they told us to go to the ticket counter.  When we got to the ticket counter we were told to go to guest services by this point we were getting tired of it, luckily the lady at the ticket counter could tell and called in a manager.  We waited several minutes for him to get there and when he did he still couldn't find our tickets, finally after showing him the receipt they just printed out new tickets and we were on our way.  All in all it took about 40 minutes and the kids had lost interest a long time ago. 

It took a few minutes for us all to get in good moods again but once we were we stayed happy.  The zoo is beautiful and fairly easy to navigate.  There is a ton of walking so make sure to wear good shoes.  The first thing we did was hop on the sky rail and head to the far side of the zoo.  We wanted to see as many animals as we could without the crowds. 

First up were the polar bears since they are one of the hit attractions we decided to go there first.  I would also recommend doing the gorillas, hippos, and pandas as early as possible.  Most of the animals were active and the kiddos loved watching them interact with each other. 

Just hangin' around


We did the trolley later in the day when our feet were getting tired so we could have a little bit of a bread.  Luckily we sat on the right side and were able to see more than the people on the other side of the bus.



Belle's favorites!!!

Tazmanian Devil


Before we left we decided to break down and pay $6 per ticket and go see a short Rio 3D movie, like I said before, it's vacation so we splurge a little more than normal. 

After we left the zoo we went to Old Town and were able to have dinner with a friend of Phillip's that he grew up with.  I was so happy that we were able to connect with him and the kids actually did very well while we sat and chatted, for about two hours. 

Raegan Mirick's photo.
I only got a picture of the chicken nachos.  :-(

We finished off the evening with the kiddos and Phillip taking a swim in the pool and me getting everything packed up and ready to head out the next morning.  Sadly our time in sunny San Diego was over. 

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