Monday, June 1, 2015

Belle's Dance Recital

This past week I didn't post a whole lot, with school wrapping up soon and Belle's dance recital I have been crazy busy.  Friday I spent four hours decorating our local civic center so that the stage would look perfect for all the girls. 

Saturday was the big day, daddy got called into work so brothers were stuck hanging out at the civic center for a while till bald head (my dad) could come get them.  They stayed with him most of the day because Belle was dancing and I was heading up the dressing rooms.  It was a long 12 hours, helping girls get dressed, tying sashes, getting them in line, sorting costumes and props, etc... but so worth it the show was great. 

These young ladies did a wonderful job preparing for this day and the performance was amazing.  They have a wonderful teacher and the student helpers are the best.

Here are a few pictures of my favorite dancer/cheer leader.

This girl was soooo excited!
Belle LOVES Miss Kellie
Her brothers were there for 2 hours and were soooooo good!
After everyone left Susan and I cleaned up the building, headed to the studio to unload all the decorations, and then I headed home to rest my sore feet.  I love getting to do these things with my kiddos.

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