Monday, June 22, 2015

San Diego Day 1

Last night we slept about two hours away, remember I told you we were taking our time.  So this morning when we woke up we had very little driving to do.  It's funny because on one side of the mountain it was 40 degrees warmer than on the other side. 

So we have finally arrived in sunny San Diego, just in time for breakfast.  We found a place called Broken Yolk Café.  The food was pretty good and we all enjoyed being out of the car.
Raegan Mirick's photo.
My child is obsessed with cheeseburgers.

Next we set out to find our trolley, we love doing the trolley on the first day so we know what we want to go back to.  Since it didn't start running for another hour we decided to walk around Old Town San Diego which is absolutely gorgeous!

The trolley made several great stops and of course I took lots of pictures.

Raegan Mirick's photo.
While on Coranado island, we checked out the famous hotel and had a wonderful pizza lunch.

At one of the stops, Balboa Park, we paid a little extra and went to a Japanese friendship garden.  It was beautiful, but the best part of it was when a really cute, little, girl I know was hopping across the walking stones in the river and fell in face first....  Everyone around us laughed so hard, which caused her to stomp her little foot in the water splashing herself again.

After the trolley we walked through Old Town Park and the kids made candles, then we decided to head out to find our hotel.  Carlsbad is about 30 minutes from San Diego but the drive is nice so it goes quickly.  We found our resort very easily and decided to take showers and lay around for a few minutes. 


After laying around for about thirty minutes the kids got hungry, so we went to the outlet mall across the street for a little food and shopping!  We ended up at Panda Express where we were able to feed five people for less than twenty dollars and we all got full!

Raegan Mirick's photo.

That night we all slept like babies!!!

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