Monday, June 22, 2015

San Diego Day 2

Today was our day to do the Safari Park.  I wanted to arrive early to get our tickets printed (they have little kiosks) and to get in line, of course we were the first ones there.  This worked out great because we were able to see the more popular animals before it got  crowded.

A few tips:
Visit the tigers and gorillas early.  They are most active before 10:30.
Get there slightly before the park opens so that you can beat the crowds and get a great parking spot.
Do the safari ride in the afternoon.  This will give you a little time to rest your feet.
The souvenir cup you purchase can be used in the safari park AND the zoo.  It is a great deal!
Plan for this to be an all day event.

We were expecting to spend 2-3 hours here and then head to the beach.  In reality the park was huge and it took us six and a half hours.  The kids did great though and rarely complained even though I know they were exhausted.

He navigated the park for us and did a great job.
This thing was UGLY.
Mommy and Jacob
Mommy and Belle
Mommy and Nathan


The safari park had pretty good prices and of course it was expensive but it wasn't too crazy.  Here are some pics of what we ate.
Phillip had crawfish pizza.

Not sure why this is sideways....

After we left the zoo, we decided to have an early dinner so that we could head back to the hotel pool and relax.  We decided to try out a place I had seen on t.v.  It was AMAZING.  If you are ever in San Diego you need to go to the Corvette Diner.  The food is great, the portions are large, prices are reasonable, service was fantastic and the atmosphere was out of this world.
Raegan Mirick's photo.
 Phillip tried the Elvis burger with peanut butter.
Huge onion rings.
Me and my hottie.
Raegan Mirick's photo.
Raegan Mirick's photo.
Stick around to hear about the rest of our trip!


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