Wednesday, June 24, 2015

San Diego Day 3

Since we did so much walking yesterday we decided to put off the zoo for a couple of days and "take it easy".  We slept in and then had breakfast at the hotel.  After breakfast we took a short drive to La Jolla Cove. 

If you are ever in southern California you must go here!  The beach is insanely gorgeous, in fact it is one of the most photographed spots in California.  When I plan trips I do a ton of research and this place kept coming up over and over and now I see why.

We mainly went to see the sea lions and seals, but we were amazed with the beauty of the surrounding area.  We were able to walk along the beach, climb on the cliffs, and explore a few caves.  All five of us had a blast! 


Being from Texas we typically go to Florida for our beaches, but now I am spoiled.  California's beaches are WAY better than anything I have seen on the east coast and trust me we have seen a lot of beaches.  I love that you can be on the sand and see mountains in the distance when you are at the cove, that to me is just the epitome of beauty.  Plus it isn't humid like Florida and Alabama.

Of course this one fell in and daddy fell in trying to get her cleaned up...
After enjoying the cove we walked to a BBQ place for lunch.  It was delicious.
We spent the afternoon at the beach.  The kids and hubby played in the water, I laid out and watched the life guard rescue the same man 6 times...  eventually they called the police.

For dinner we went to Claim Jumper which was ok... nothing special. 

This bread was the best part of dinner.
Spaghetti all over his face.
We are now in our room playing games and doing laundry.  I am one of those people who can not stand to have laundry piled up and needed to get it clean or it would make me crazy.  ;-)

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