Saturday, July 11, 2015

4th of July

Since I haven't had a chance to post our 4th of July pictures I thought I would do that now.  4th of July is my favorite holiday, I love everything about it.  The patriotism, the fireworks, the cookouts...  Last year we were in Boston for 4th of July and sadly the fireworks show was rained out because of a hurricane, so this year we were really ready for the festivities.

Every year (except last year) we have friends over to watch fireworks in the parking lot behind our house.  It is a very informal get together but is always loads of fun.  We live in a small town but surprisingly they put on a good fireworks show.  The real treat though is that before the fireworks start their is an air show with two really awesome fighter planes.

In Texas the 4th of July (or in this case the 3rd) can be really humid so of course we need snacks to help with that.  I come fully prepared with popsicles, watermelon, ice cream sandwiches and mini ice cream cones.  We also have sparklers (the reason I have no pics of my kids) which I was lighting for a long time and we have a few smaller fireworks.

This place is huge!!!
Raegan Mirick's photo.

Friends took these pictures of the kiddos.  Nathan was riding his bike so sadly he wasn't in any of the pictures.
So the next day which was actually the 4th of July we went to Jefferson, which is another small town about 40 minutes away.  This was our first time to go there for the firework show.  I loved that this whole celebration reminded me of a scene straight out of Pollyanna.  You know, when they have the Bonanza to raise money for the orphanage?  Anyway  there was a pie/cake auction, several booths, ice cream and of course music. 
They are AMAZING!
This was crazy weather for Texas!
We got to town early so we were able to get a GREAT parking spot and were able to eat before it got crowded.  The restaurant that we picked to have dinner at was serving a smaller menu than normal because of the holiday.  This made me really sad because the entire reason I had picked this place to try was because of the dishes they weren't serving that night.  I will say though that the food was still great and we want to go back when they have the full menu. 
Hmmm.... I'm too lazy to fix this one lol.

After dinner we walked over to the General Store which is a really fun old fashioned store.  They have a soda/ice cream bar, homemade candies and all sorts of neat old fashioned type goodies.  It is one of my favorite places, and we actually ran into a ton of people that we knew.  After stocking up on some candy we went back to the car grabbed our chairs and the game bag (we had about a 90 minute wait) and staked out our spot in the grass.
Comment if you know what game this is!
Belle and her friend Noah waiting for the fireworks to start.
To start off the fireworks they sound a cannon, which a friend had warned us about.  This year they fired the cannon and then several minutes later it fired again... we weren't expecting it the second time and it scared Belle so bad she fell our of her chair.  After we all recovered the show started.  The fireworks were beautiful and were shot right above our heads!  The show lasted a full thirty minutes and was spectacular. 
I have a feeling that Jefferson will be added to our 4th of July traditions! 
What did you do?  How was your weekend?

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