Thursday, July 30, 2015

Spanish VBS

I want to start by saying that I go to an amazing church.  The past two years we have helped the local Spanish church plan and hold a VBS.  This is a HUGE undertaking for our children's ministry leaders because they haven't even had time to recover from the VBS at our church.  These ladies do it though and they always have a smile on their faces.  Have I mentioned that they rock???

A few reasons I like helping:

I love that as soon as school was out for the summer my kids started asking if we were going to help again this year.  It is a great experience for them!  They have made so many friends and have learned how blessed they are.

These kids that are coming to VBS have the most gorgeous big brown eyes, they are absolutely beautiful.  While we may not speak the same language and we don't always understand each other we all smile the same. 

I love that I took a little girls hand the other day and led her away from mommy and she happily went with me.  The rest of the night she had her hand in mine wherever we went.  She had never met me before and trusted me completely.

Sandwiches are a big deal!!!  No matter what we served them for dinner (I got to help serve the food also) they were always thankful.  Whether it was hot dogs or sandwiches we heard thank you so many times, no one ever complained about what they got.  I feel like we are often so spoiled that we wouldn't be nearly as thankful as they are.

I love that the parents are really involved.  They follow their kids around and get involved with the activity they are doing.  It makes me happy that there are so many of them who are willing to go out where it is hot and humid and just play the games with the kiddos.  Honestly I think some of the adults like the games as much as the kiddos do. ;-)

Last night my husband was able to meet us, his work schedule has been crazy, and my kiddos were so happy he could come.  After a long and hot day at work he came over to join us, to me this is such an amazing example for our kiddos.  One of the many reasons I adore this man is he has such a kind and giving heart.  I was singing and leaned over to ask him why one of the girls only had on one shoe... he told me the other one broke and that I should go get her a new pair.  That is so incredibly hot!!!  He works so hard for us and is willing to give so much away.  Luckily there was a Bealls nearby so I was able to grab a pair of shoes and be back quickly.  When I got back the little girl was happily playing outside with one shoe on like it was no big deal.  The look on her face when we told her the new shoes were for her was priceless, she told me later they were the most comfortable shoes she had ever had. 

My favorite thing is that these kids (not just this church but ours as well) come in and know that they are loved.  They can forget about all the troubles they have at home and just be kids.  They don't have to worry about mommy and daddy fighting or what they will be eating for their next meal, they can just be happy.   

If you ever have a chance to get involved in something like this do it.  I promise it will change your life!

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