Saturday, August 8, 2015

Colorado Day 1

The kiddos, mom and I are at the Colorado house... tomorrow my brother, his wife, their two little girls and my dad will join us.  Sadly hubby couldn't get off work so he doesn't get to vacation with us.  I HATE that he isn't able to be here, we miss him so much.

Today we spent the day doing a little cleaning, getting beds made, and getting unpacked.  After all that we went into town to one of the outlet malls.  We were able to get a few things for the kiddos since school starts back soon and even a couple things for ourselves... I got a great pair of heels for $5!!!

After the fun shopping we hit up Wal Mart for groceries (we are eating breakfast at the house) and it seemed like it took forever.  I think we were all just extremely exhausted from driving all night last night.  In fact I think we will all be going to bed early.

We got home unloaded the groceries, I cleaned out the fridge, put the groceries away and had dinner.  Now the kiddos are happily playing some My Little Pony game with nanny and I am typing away on my phone.

I didn't bring the computer so I will try and update from my phone...


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