Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Colorado Day 3

On day three we started off by heading down the mountain and into Denver.  We went to the aquarium which was ok, but definitely NOT the best I have ever been too.  Belle loved that they had a mermaid show and the boys sat and watched it also, later they admitted they weren't crazy about it but that it was ok.

After the aquarium we set out for Casa Bonita for lunch.  The building looks small on the outside but the inside goes on forever.  It was an interesting concept, kind of cafeteria style.  You go in, wait in line to order your food, and then they prep it quickly (the menu is limited) and you pick it up off the line.  I asked for mine without the sour cream sauce and the man handing out the food was emphatic that it wasn't sour cream (it said it was on the menu) and the lady at the register had also said it wasn't... when I tasted it, it definitely was.  Luckily we had a wonderful "waitress" who went back to the kitchen and had them make it how I wanted it... the best part is that it was all you can eat... including sopapillas!!! Fat girl heaven.  The kids love that there was a "show" going on, complete with divers and everything.


After lunch we went to Castle Rock outlets and did a little shopping.  The Vera Bradley store had everything 50-75% off so I was able to pick up some goodies for the kids teachers this next year.

She wanted this bag sooooo bad.  If it would have been $25 less we would have bought it...

By the end of our shopping trip the weather was pretty bad so we headed back to the house and just ate dinner here.  Before bed we played a game of canasta and had a nice relaxing evening.

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