Thursday, October 29, 2015

Nathan's American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party

Nathan had his birthday party this past Saturday, if you have watched the news at all you know it has been raining non stop in Texas.  This had me in a slight panic and I was very worried it would rain on his party... in fact I spent a while the night before praying that the rain would stop long enough to have a little outdoor fun. 

Nathan had decided to have an American Ninja Warrior Party, based off the t.v. show, and my dad built a pretty AMAZING course!  My poor boy had his heart set on doing it with his friends and thank the Lord it stopped raining for about 20 minutes.  It was wonderful and a true God thing. 

After the kiddos did the course several times they came in and we had Chick Fil A nuggets, chips, birthday cake and opened presents.  After presents we did the piñata which since it was raining had to be done in the boys room.  My poor husband got stuck holding it and luckily no one got hurt.

My big boy had a blast and I was thrilled just watching him with his friends!

This board moves so it is harder than it looks. 
Sadly I forgot to take pics of the rest of the course.
Birthday boy!
She was sooooo thrilled with her Pinata candy!

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