Thursday, October 8, 2015

Owl Cookies

Yesterday I was looking through a magazine and saw a picture for some adorable owl cookies.  Since it is Wednesday I thought they would be a fun dessert for after our big dinner.  Wednesday is the day that my friend and her family come to eat with us, I love our dinners, we always have a great time.  In fact I look forward to them all week.

I started by making my Snickerdoodle Cookie recipe ( and then got out the other necessary supplies. 

I used vanilla wafers, I didn't have any of the mini ones so I took a measuring spoon placed it over the wafer and used it like a cookie cutter to cut it smaller.  You will also need chocolate chips, icing, and cashews (the original used almonds but I didn't have any). 

Since I didn't feel like running to the store I used what I had on hand, I only had vanilla frosting but added in some cocoa powder and Nutella and it came out perfectly.  The icing not only is used for the wings, but it is also the "glue" that holds everything in place.  Since my friend, mentioned above, borrowed my icing tips I rummaged through my cabinet and finally found a couple of older cheaper ones, but they worked in a pinch. 

The kids especially loved these cookies and kept commenting on how cute they were... the adults just liked them because they tasted amazing. 


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