Thursday, November 19, 2015

New York Day 1

Hubby and I like to do a little getaway each year for just the two of us.  This year he picked NYC,  I love New York and since he has never been quickly agreed.  We scored a great deal on airplane tickets and decided that since we had an early flight we would just sleep/hangout at the airport instead of paying for a hotel room for 4 hours. 

Wednesday after dinner we spent some time with the kiddos and then took them to my best friend who lives down the road.  After saying goodbye and lots of hugs we headed to Dallas.  We stopped at Buckee's on the way since they just finished building it, and I wanted to explore. 


Unfortunately by the time we parked the car at the hotel and got to the airport it had closed, so we spent most of the night on this really awful hard bench trying to sleep.  Wouldn't you know it that some lady decided to come sit right beside us (there were plenty of other seats) and gab on her phone extremely loudly!
Finally the airport opened and hubby decided since we had a hard night to upgrade our seats to 1st class so that we would be more comfy.  We had a couple of hours still till our flight departed so we explored.  DFW airport has been doing a ton of remodeling and it is really starting to look good.
When we landed at La Guardia we grabbed our bag and a cab and set off for our resort.  Since we arrived fairly early our room wasn't ready yet so we left our bags and decided to grab a bite to eat.  We found this AMAZING food truck and got the BEST empanadas EVER!!!
After lunch we went ahead and did the first tour on the trolley passes I bought us.  These are a few of the wonderful things we saw on our first day!
Over 70 miles of books!
Not too sure I would want to cross this.

Water tower...
The rain started :-(
Hot Chocolate to warm us up!
Since the rain stopped we decided to go ahead and do the Brooklyn/night time tour also.

Brooklyn Bridge
Water tower at night!
We finally made it back to our hotel and got into our room... this was our view.

Stay tuned for more!

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