Sunday, November 22, 2015

New York Day 3

It has been about two weeks since our NYC trip and it is getting slightly difficult to remember all the details so I am typing this now hoping that as I look at pictures I will remember. 

My favorite shows are all on FOX News, so when we left our hotel I decided to take a picture. 

After I snapped my picture of the Fox News building we set off in search of our waffle stand.  We had read on Yelp as well as other internet sites about how amazing it was.  Let me stop right here and tell you all the reviews were correct, it was delicious.  There were a ton of different waffle choices and the toppings were over the top!
Phillip had a waffle sandwich.
I had a waffle with caramel, walnuts, and chocolate!
When we were done with our waffles we explored the really cute shopping center that it was "in".  It was a neat little park area with several small buildings that housed one of a kind shops and food stands.  We found these pretzels that looked amazing and while they were pretty the taste was kind of blah... I was really sad because this girl loves a good pretzel.

Look at ALL those pretzels!!!
After all that food we decided to be lazy and hope on the tour bus.  There were a few stops that we had passed over the first time (there were 4 different tours) that we wanted to go back too.

One of my favorite stops on the whole tour was Ground Zero, as soon as I walked up I was covered in goosebumps.  Standing there looking at the buildings and thinking of how so many people died is a very sobering experience.  I was very impressed with how everyone conducted themselves.  No one was loud or yelling or fooling around.  Everyone was very respectful.

We decided against hopping back on the bus and decided to walk to our next stop.  I am just going to say it was MUCH farther than it looked on our map.... MUCH farther.  We decided against taking the boat to the Statue of Liberty since it was a clear day we could see her from the main land.
We hopped back on the bus and headed for China Town where I bought a purse out of a van in an alley.  China Town was an interesting experience.  I mean how many people have bought purses with ducks hanging around them?
By this time we were ready for lunch and decided to go check out a few restaurants in Hell's Kitchen (a long street with a ton of places to eat).  We ended up picking a really pretty place that looked like it belonged in New Orleans.  The food was wonderful.

He loved his gumbo.
Wish I knew how to rotate this!
After lunch we spent some time just walking around the city and enjoying our last day in New York.  For dinner that night we had pizza delivered to the hotel.  It wasn't nearly as good as we had the day before, it was still good, but that restaurant wasn't open.  :-( 


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