Monday, March 14, 2016

Vacation Day 2

If you have ever been to New Orleans you know that there are many interesting things to see, and most of them are probably inappropriate.  The real sin though is if you go to The Big Easy and don't stop for beneigts at Café Du Monde.
While I am sure their other chains are good, to get the full experience you need to go down to the French Quarter.   Considering the place fills up very quickly we got there early, like before 8.  The food comes out quickly since you can really only order one thing and the prices are fair.  We ordered five orders of the French doughnuts and I expected that we would have several left over but we ended up only having two extra... out of fifteen!  By the time we left the line was about a block down the street and still growing, hubby was thankful that I had suggested getting their early.


After our delicious breakfast of pure sugar we decided to walk a bit and grab a few souvenirs.  Every Christmas I have one tree with our ornaments we have collected from different vacations.  This past year we had to upgrade our tree to a bigger one because it was overflowing.  I was beyond excited to find a Café Du Monde themed ornament.
We also saw some gorgeous buildings.  Hubby and I are not fans of New Orleans overall it is a really dirty city and just not somewhere we want to hang out, but there is some pretty awesome architecture.

After our sightseeing we went and found our parking lot, parked our van and jumped on the bus to take us to the port.  Doing this is sooooo much easier than parking at the actual port!  We had a fairly early check in time of 12 and by the time we did all this we were right on time.  Check in went semi smoothly and we got on the boat in no time.  Once on the boat we did a little exploring and ate lunch. 

When we were able to go to our room we got a note saying that they had taken my water out of my suitcase and disposed of it.  I was incredibly sad because I have been doing so great at not drinking sodas and brought them on board so I wouldn't have to buy a Coke card (the water is gross on board).  We have cruised SEVERAL times and never had this problem before, but now we just count it as a lesson learned. 

Our boat originally was supposed to depart NO at four.  They ended up having some "routine maintenance" come up and we actually didn't end up leaving till AFTER 8!!!  Since we left so late our port days were changed which led to our excursion being cancelled.  I was very upset because it was rated one of the best day trips AND because we would not be refunded for 5-7 business days.  By this time all the best excursions were taken and we ended up just picking a private beach ( I will give you details on that another day).  The beach excursion ended up being over $300 and was way overpriced (we didn't realize till we got there).

As on all cruises we had to do our muster station drill which seemed to take longer than normal and then we rushed to get ready for dinner.  The one thing I insist on when we go on cruises is that everyone dress up for dinner.  My family looked beautiful!


LOVE the bread you get on cruises!
Isn't that gorgeous?
My favorite part of the cruise!  :-)
The kids loved rushing back to our room after dinner for a few minutes to see what kind of towel creation we had on our bed.


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