Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Vacation Day 3 (Sea Day)

So we woke up SUPER early on our first official day at sea...  the reason we woke up was less than glamorous.  At one in the morning our oldest son, Nathan, threw up all over everything!!!  The child sleeps so hard that he didn't even wake up until I grabbed a trash can and pulled his head up when he started to throw up again. 

Phillip sat in bed for a few seconds stunned, I think, about what was going on and then jumped in to help.  If you have ever been on a cruise you know the rooms are fairly small and with five people in one it is really cramped.  This meant that getting around each other with a child throwing up, is now comical but not so much at that time.  I ended up having to throw away his new ninja turtle pajamas and strip his bed while hubby gave him a shower.  It was a mess!  We called room service 3 times in an hour asking for new sheets and asking them to take away the stinky ones but no one from the night crew ever came and we ended up just going back to bed.  The next morning our wonderful attendant got us fixed up quickly!  Too much chocolate milk the night before and a rocky boat does not sit well...

So after we woke up again the second time we spent the morning not doing much of anything.  We went to breakfast and then the kids asked to go to Camp Carnival.

This child ate a TON of grilled cheese sandwiches.

While the kiddos were playing in CC I grabbed my book, put on my swimsuit and went to the top deck to get some rays.  The weather was AMAZING, slightly windy but the sun felt heavenly.  While I laid out Phillip went back and forth between hanging out with me and playing a little poker in the casino.

After a bit we picked up the kiddos went back to the room for a little rest and ordered some room service.  Jacob and Phillip ended up going to an art show and I was surprised to hear how much Jacob enjoyed himself.


That afternoon we went to the "Seuss on The Loose" parade and story time.  The kids had a blast and absolutely LOVED getting to march around the boat and wave at people.


Later that afternoon we went back to our room to get dressed for dinner.  On the way to dinner we passed a little area with small bites.  It is one of those little places were you pick up just enough food to tease you and make you really hungry before your actual meal.  ;-) Here are a "few" pictures of our favorite meal of the day. 

The tease.
She asked for pasta... after the first bite realized it had crab and spit it back out.
Best shot EVER!

After dinner we went back to the room, found our towel animal, and the kiddos slipped on their pajamas before going to the show.  Pictures are not allowed during the shows but I will say it was great.  The concert featured some older rock and roll songs and I figured the kiddos would be bored to tears but the boys both really seemed to like it and poor Belly can never stay up late so she fell asleep.


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