Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Vacation Day 6

This weekend was really busy our baby girl had a slumber party here Friday night and then Saturday we had an Easter celebration at hubby's work and that night we had our nieces birthday party.  On Sunday we had church and then went to dinner with my family.  Seeing as how our weekend was packed I didn't really get a chance to update the blog, so here it goes...

First of all I am going to warn you get ready for a picture overload!!!  We had a ton of fun on our last day on the boat...  As we were wandering around the boat that morning looking for a place to sit we stumbled upon a towel folding demonstration and Nathan insisted that we take pictures of all of them.

After watching for a bit we found a little nook and decided to play some games while we waited for our special breakfast.  While this picture was dark it was still really cute.
One of the things we were most excited about and looking forward to was the Dr. Seuss breakfast.  Ever since I mentioned it to the kids they talked about it nonstop!  It was a lot of fun and honestly it was nice to get something other than your typical cruise breakfast foods.

Love this pic!
Green Eggs and Ham
Phillip had the cereal crusted French Toast
After breakfast the kiddos decided that they wanted to go to Camp Carnival.  Nathan had been looking forward to the ship drawing contest all week and ended up winning first place.  He did an AMAZING job!!!

That afternoon we went to the second Hasbro game show.  Nathan tried so hard to be picked but unfortunately that didn't happen.  I really enjoyed these shows and thought they were great for the family.

Doesn't that just look fun!
That evening the kids wanted to go back to Camp Carnival for the end of the cruise party so hubby and I went to dinner alone and then to a couple of comedy shows.  We were also able to grab a drink at one of the little bar areas.  I always love the comedians but we usually aren't able to go because we have the kiddos with us and they aren't exactly appropriate.  Perfect date night!!!  It was a nice way to end the cruise.
I think he ate about 6 plates of sushi...


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